Saturday, August 16, 2014

distortion and all that kind of talk

  I did a blog post before where I made an attempt at describing what might be the relationship between exaggeration, likeness, and distortion using math notation. It was as follows.

Distortion = Exaggeration - Likeness

either that or..

Distortion = Exaggeration ÷ Likeness

  I also said that, personally, I don't see any use for the word "distortion" in a discussion about caricatures, but the equations were a way for making sense of how distortion could possibly be a meaningful term if amount of exaggeration is seen as being distinctly different from amount of likeness(which is not quite how I see it). But I hadn't thought about this:
If... amount of distortion = amount of exaggeration - amount of likeness
then... amount of likeness + amount of distortion = amount of exaggeration

and this makes it perfectly clear to me how useless that equation is. And the division one doesn't make much sense either. Soooooooo.

I was thinking about this. I do like "distortion" as a very general sort of word to talk about the kind of action that might be exaggeration or might be not, might be deliberate or might be not, might be successful or might be not. I always have to make a long convoluted sentence when I want to express this concept, and anyway, you know, so many times when the word "distortion" is used for caricatures it has the word "just" in front of it. So hear me out now. I think I got it figured out somewhat.
 So all this time...exaggeration was a type of distortion all along. And when people say "just distortion" That means it's all distortion...but some distortion is a specialized kind of distortion called "exaggeration."
   So looking at "amount of distortion = amount of exaggeration - amount of likeness" again, this would have distortion as a type of exaggeration, but it's the other way around is what I'm saying. So what's a good word for "any deviation from exact representation of something." I got a good word for that. How bout "distortion." But I hardly ever hear anybody use a sentence like "That's a fantastic caricature. Most of the distortions are exaggerationary." Nobody ever says that. And nore should they.


Saturday, August 9, 2014

Friday, August 1, 2014

Find the Irish

 Great reaction for this one. Wish I had a photo to show ya.

 I messed up on her but I got him pretty good--except I didn't make him real red like he was.

and I made his eyes too far apart

among whatever other mistakes
  Attempting to capture a non smile but also non repose expression such as this one can be a gamble, but I reckon I'm a gamblin man.

 He was blowing on her to cool her off.

 This is the economy version of the couple caricature.

This here couple was really cool and hip. They spoke perfect English which is usually intimidating at first but I was able to shift into my social skills without stalling or grinding the gears.

 Jon and Esther have funny names for a young couple. It sounds more like some of my Grandma's old friends like yeah we ran into Jon and Esther. He seems to be recovering from his gull blatter surgery.

When I draw Korean children I get two chances to see their teeth, when I ask their age and when I ask their name.

Or when they smile of course.


This is a drawing of a young Bobby Dylan. I call him Bobby.

Here's a list of how to name drop classic rockers.

Janey Joplin
Jim Hendrix
Jimmy Morrison
Petey Townshend
Elmo Presley
Ecky Clapton

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Fine Customers; Low art.(That's a pun. I'm not trying to Efface myself)

 His friend told me to draw the donkey ears. 

The drawing looks more like him than it seems.

but not by much.


 this guy was awesome. He brought in all his friends and made um all get drawn. And also he was going to school to sing opera. And he asked for my email but didn't tell me why, so maybe he'll send me spam,

 i have a HUGE regret on this one. I was drawing this whole group, everybody one by one, and they all liked the funny and everybody was being super cool and I felt like I could do whatever I wanted and then this girl sat down and she just had a really generic pretty girl face, and it was like they stumped me. I just didn't know what to do. However, when I got down to the chin I did noticed some small acne with coverup on it. This was a real perfect opportunity to draw some crazy acne on a pretty girl, but I flubbed it. I drew what I saw which was some little bumps. STUPID! next time.

It reminds me of a time I was drawing at Cicis Pizza for tips and it was fun and cool and everybody was getting drawn, and then a black girl sits down in front of me and she has a pretty obvious mustache, and she said "don't draw my mustache." And she was with all her friends and stuff and what I did was draw the mustache..but pretty much how it was, just some simple black lines, very tasteful, and something about that might be more offense and in many ways less funny that if I'd have done what I wish I'd have done which was draw give her like the Pringles guy mustache. That would have been great am I right, provided the likeness was good and everything.


look at that woman tho.                           

coworker and all around funny looking person, Min Jong

 another drawing of Kiko Yamada    
you don't say?

coming to merica soon; returning in triumphant glory and splendor. mark your calanders and clear off your couch.